"This is not about miles, every mountain has its own beauty to climb"

This Is It, The ‘Seven Wonders’ of Indonesia!

‘Indonesia, owns incredible natural resources. Not surprisingly, this country is also known as the ’emerald of the equator’.

Komodo Island

Call it, Komodo National Park, which is currently one of 28 nominations of 7 Wonders of Nature. However, it turns out, in addition to the Komodo National Park, there are many beautiful and wonderful regions in Indonesia. Ary Suhandi, Director of Indecon, a nonprofit organization that focuses on developing ecotourism destinations in Indonesia points out that in addition to the Komodo National Park, Indonesia actually has many places that also have the wonders of nature.

1. Labuan Cermin Lake, Biduk-Biduk, East Kalimantan

Labuhan Cermin Lake

The top of Labuan Cermin Lake contains freshwater such as lakes in general. But there are a few feet below the flow of salt water. Strangely, both types of water is not mixed. In plain view can be seen that the sea water and fresh water are separated by a similar layer of clouds. No one has done research in this area so that the formation of this phenomenon remains a mystery.

Apparently, the thickness of freshwater and saltwater can be changed in accordance with tidal sea water.This tiny lake surrounded by woods and there are towering cliffs on one side

2. Island Wayag, Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua

Wayag Island is one of the islands within the Raja Ampat district in the province of West Papua. The island is known for its beautiful atolls and amazing underwater life covering a total area of 155,000 hectares (about 383,013.3 acres).

Here, you find pristine beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the sea. Along these beaches, tourists can see fairy tale panorama, more captivating than Leonardo DiCaprio’s getaway in “The Beach”. The crystal clear waters around Wayag Island appear like unreal windows to various types of flora and fauna that live underwater.

Wayag “Raja Ampat”

Wayag Island never ceases to amaze. Divers, especially, have been overwhelmed not only by the rich underwater displays, but also by the panoramic beauty of the island as they climb up to its highest platform and observe coves and atolls around. It is a dream come true, truly a dream fulfilled.

3. Krakatau

Krakatoa is a volcano is still active and located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra. The volcano has erupted on August 26, 1883. Devastating eruptions and the resulting tsunami killed about 36,000 people. Until December 26, 2004, this is the greatest tsunami in Indonesia.


Half a century after the explosion of Krakatau, a new volcano emerged above sea level, and is known as Mount Anak Krakatau is an active and growing.

This area is then defined as a nature reserve area, which includes three neighboring islands of Anak Krakatau, covered island of Rakata [the island of Krakatau], Sertung island, and Panjang Island. These islands can be reached by boat from Carita beach [Java] and Lampung [Sumatra]. Visitors can snorkeling, fishing, bird watching, and trekking.

Visit to this island is a challenge, because in some seasons, the ocean waves can reach 3 feet so it takes a strong determination to reach this mountain.

4. Green Canyon

Green Cayon

is a river-cave-waterfall unique travel spot located at 31 km south of Pangandaran. The real name is Cukang Taneuh, Green Canyon itself called by some france tourist when they first visit at 1993. At the entrance of the cave lies the Palatar waterfall. The waterfall gives this area cool and adventures atmosphere. Not far from here you will find an amazing natural pool, the water really fresh and cool, you should try swim here!

If you like extreme activity, you can go inside through the cave by crawling on the cave wall, better do it with local guide. The route is very extreme, sometime you need to jump on rock from side to side.

5. Toba Lake

is the largest volcanic lake in the world, measuring 100 kilometers. 30 km in length and holds a depth of 505 m. It was formed by the eruption of a giant ancient volcano 75 000 years ago. Toba is located on the island of Sumatra and is located 900 meters above sea level and is surrounded by high mountains.

Toba Lake

Strangely is that despite the lakes enormous size, the entire area is located in the crater of an ancient giant mega volcano whose power, on eruption would be ten thousand times greater than that of Etna.

6. Mount of Bromo

one of the most famous and most beautiful volcanoes in Indonesia. It is located in Tengger, in East Java.

Mount of Bromo

Source of legends and mystic tales, the natural beauty of Bromo is inspiring. It is deservedly the principal attraction of East Java, in the district of Tengger. Bromo is an active volcano 2392m above sea level. The ancient caldera of Tengger contains Gunung Kursi and Gunung Batok. These three peaks stand in a sea of sand that is the floor of the caldera that stretches over 10 km. For dramatic effect, nature uses this vast crater wall as the foreground of yet another peak, Gunung Semeru. The scene at dawn is surreal.

7.  Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau

is the second highest plateau in the world. Geographically, it is located in two regions of Wonosobo regency and district Banjarnegara. It lies at an altitude of about 2093 meters above sea level, with daytime temperatures between 15 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius at night.

Sunrise in Dieng also called as Golden Sunrise, with golden and silver sun sunrise, with silver-white color of sunshine. Appearance of the first sunrise, or Golden Sunrise, can be seen from the tower view at an altitude of 1.700 meters above sea level. This location before entering the village of Dieng. The second appearance, or Silver Sunrise, can be seen from the Hindu temple complex *

from http://www.tnol.co.id


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